concrete, metal or resin garden statues – What is the best choice for the Garden

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Garden sculptures come in a variety of materials. The most popular, though concrete, resin and metal. Here are the benefits and differences between them.

concrete garden statues: They are very affordable and are sold both finished and semi-finished styles. You can get almost any desired concrete sculptures of almost any size you want. A great benefit of buying unfinished concrete sculptures that if you decide to paint that will not only get cheaper, but you get the exact color you want.

The only bad part about getting concrete sculptures in the garden, it is very difficult if a large sculptures, and they are not as detailed as resin sculptures. However, if you live in an area of ​​high wind, heavy can be a great advantage.

Resin garden statues: Basically hard plastic resin. The great advantage of resin that holds any shape in amazing detail. For detailed results are very often see statues of animals, children and Disney characters made of resin.

Resin very durable. This is often more expensive than concrete, particularly when you get into large pieces. These types of pieces you look informal gardens.

Metal garden sculptures: These are generally all very nice and quite expensive. But if there is a formal garden, and a metal sculpture could be just what you want. Be aware that the development of garden statues used for many metals over time. Only you can decide if this is what you want. Copper sculptures for example, turn a beautiful shade of green – think of the Statue of Liberty.

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